There are an estimated 2.5 million cases of cancer in India at any given time. Tobacco-related cancers account for almost one-third of all cancers in India – predominantly head and neck, lung, and esophageal cancers. The two most common cancers among Indian women are those of the cervical and breast. What is most disheartening is that many of these cancers can either be prevented altogether or treated effectively if detected early. Worse, yet, more than 70% of all cancers in India are found when the disease is so advanced that treatment is much less effective.


“We are dedicated to providing total support to the cancer patients and their loved ones, free of cost. Provide love, hope and dignity, they need to fight for recovery and maintain the quality of their life.
We believe, every patient is entitled to proper medication, nutritious food and freedom from constraints. We are committed to take care of the mind and spirit, while the doctors heals the body.”

Living with cancer is difficult. Though it is a life-threatening disease, it is not necessarily fatal. Thousands of patients live with cancer just like any other chronic health problem such as high blood pressure or diabetes. However, due to peculiar nature of the treatment of cancer, it’s patients, and their families need great after care, guidance, and emotional support at every stage of the disease.

It is the vision of KKF to help make the most of each day for the Cancer patient, while living with cancer and its treatment.


Support and Care for Patients in the last phase of their disease.

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Support and Care for Patients in the last phase of their disease.